Three Musicians - Pablo Picasso (used under fair use guidelines)
This may seem obvious to most, but all of the technique and determination in the world won't make up for a lack of inspiration.  All of the knowledge, skills, and ability can't make up for the lack of heart and soul that is required to do your best work. I think a lot of times we look at the work that somebody else has done, and wonder, "How did they do that?"  While there is certainly a need for knowledge, skills, and ability, I think a lot of time what we're missing is their motivation, their influences. I know that I've gotten lost in how somebody has done something.  I've been to conferences that almost seem to focus on the inner workings of things.  I've spent hours and weeks and months and years studying how to do things.  While these are worthy efforts for a worthy goal, the ratio of how:why has not been balanced for myself.  I ask, has that ratio been balanced for you? Common sense seems to reign in our adult world, while children, who are wildly creative by nature, are constantly learning new things.  Children are constantly finding excitement and wonder in the world around them.  Somewhere along the way, we become adults who are less interested in the magic of things, and more interested in the practicality of everything. It was Pablo Picasso who said, "Common sense is the chief enemy of creativity."

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