I just finished putting together a video for my band, Jearbear.  The song is about a pioneer woman named Eilley Bowers in the old west who had everything, then lost it all, and now supposedly haunts her former mansion. I put the video together using After Effects.  I built a 3d space comprising of a few halls.  I made the walls images, and added lyrics to the walls.  I panned a camera through the 3d space, and viewed the lyrics on the walls timed with the music. I added lighting effects for, well, effect.  I also created a ghost that wanders through the video, that you sort of interact with towards the end.  She is a .png file brought into after effects, then masked with a particle generator, precomposed, and lit with her own light. Putting together this video I found that I could make the video look great on a computer screen, but when I viewed it on a mobile device, the video was too dark.  I had to lighten the video more than I intended to, to get it to display correctly on mobile devices. Overall I was pretty happy with the way it turned out, and was glad I finally had an opportunity to use 3d in After Effects in a real-life project.

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