I haven't been able to get this thought out of my mind.  Like most things that are powerful, it's simple.   It leads me to a few questions that I've been asking myself a lot lately. What do I feed?  What am I paying the most attention to?  Do I feed those things that speak to my soul, or are those being choked out by other things?  Unfortunately, I know that I spend far too much time paying attention to things that ultimately don't matter as much, or at all.  My phone is constantly vibrating, reminding me of things; some important, some not.  Different games needing attention, emails, voicemails, and meetings.  I tend to those things quite regularly.  My phone garners more attention from me that just about any other object in my life, but do I need to feed that need to check it as often as I do?  I am certain I do not.  I have moments to live in. How do I feed what should be fed?  Am I just going through the motions?  I probably am a lot of the time.  I need to give these important things the attention that they deserve, and feed them well. Why do I need to feed them?  I can tell you that over the past few years I have become a person that I don't recognize.  Only recently have I started to wake up.  Only recently have I felt my soul stir.  There's plenty of weeds to choke out what needs to grow, but I've felt my soul stir, I've felt a shift in what's important.  Now I have to live it.

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