Morning Ritual at Sunrise
"Sunrise" by CipherN. - used in accordance with CC by-nc 2.0
Every morning when I wake up, I have this hope, this sense, that I'm going to spend my day doing things that will make the biggest impact. Almost every night, I go to bed promising myself I'll do better at it tomorrow, because I wasn't very good at it that day. I spend my day existing and getting to lists instead of doing tasks with purpose. A new morning ritual has helped me with this subtle feeling of regret that I didn't live to the measure of my creation that day. In thinking a little more deeply about this, I've discovered that I let tasks related to a particular part of my life take precedence over my sense of purpose. Instead of being driven by what I feel I need to do to further my purpose (whether it's to read, study, deep think, write, budget, plan, do something) I become driven by the tasks that appear before me. I spend more time concerning myself with "what I do", and less with "who I am." I think about the opportunities I might be missing as a result of this daily mindset. The opportunities to connect, to think, to practice, to learn. I'm lucky in that my job aligns pretty well with my purpose, but every job has it's tasks that will take precedence over purpose if you let them. It's about setting priorities. As a result of thinking about this, I've recently started a morning ritual, a morning habit. I sit down each morning, and remind myself that "Who I am is infinitely more important than what I do." Then I remind myself who I am. "I'm a designer, a developer, a photographer, a singer/songwriter, a father, a husband, and I try to be the best leader I can." Once I've reminded myself of these things, I look at what I need to do that day. I may need to give more attention to one than another, and that's fine. I'm at peace with that as long as I can know that I'm pursuing my purpose, and that I'm making a positive impact. I make my daily list of what needs to be done, and break up those tasks by who I am. My days are much more structured and productive. I'm approaching each day as who I am, as opposed to what needs to be done. I'm still getting to what needs to be done; but I don't let those tasks define my day, and define who I am each day. It's a subtle difference, but it's making a positive difference in my own life.

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