facebookandtwitter1 As somebody who creates things, and would love for those things to get noticed, it's pretty hard to get people's attention.  Honestly, most people just can't be bothered.  We all have our own lives to live.  I find security in Facebook over Twitter though.  Let me set the record straight, I really don't like Facebook much, for a whole bunch of reasons, but there's one reason that I stick with it... When I do a status update on Facebook, I feel like I'm walking into a large, loud room full of people doing other things, and announcing something.  When I tweet something, I feel like I'm walking outside and yelling. Chances are, nobody is going to hear me either way, but I feel like my chances of being heard in the large room are at least a little better than if I go outside and yell.  Even if I hashtag a tweet, it's just in hopes that a passer-by will stop to listen. So I'm left wondering, do you just keep throwing things up until it gains traction?  How do you find your audience? Maybe I'll explore Google+ more. Ideas?

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