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Falling Stars and Dreams

I was having a hard time the other night, so I went outside and looked at the night sky. I looked up and asked for a falling star, just one, to let me know that somebody was there. All I wanted was one simple falling star. In a night, a […]

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We all have lists; lists of what needs to be done, lists of what we’d like to do, lists of what others would like us to do, grocery lists, track lists, wish lists, various checklists, you name it. We use lists all the time. Of course lists are useful, they […]

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New Photo – Nighttime Monsoon Microburst

Late one evening after my wife and I had gone out for dinner, I noticed that a storm was moving towards the Superstition Mountains. I asked my wife if we could go out and shoot the lightning, and she agreed. We got out there as soon as the storm was […]

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