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Failure is a catalyst for creativity…

Failure is a catalyst for creativity – as long as you don’t let it defeat you. Are we so afraid of failure, that we don’t even try? Or do we play it so safe, that we don’t give failure the opportunity to let us grow? Failure is painful. I’ve failed, […]

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3 Lightning Bolts Playing on a Hillside

My oldest son and I were able to catch these during a chase early this monsoon season in Northern Arizona. We chased this storm across the state, and timed it almost perfectly. The storm blew right over us, and as it blew over, it dropped some spectacular lightning behind it! […]

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Creativity & Passion – A Tale of 2 Seas

The Dead Sea, which we know isn’t really a sea, is completely devoid of any life. The water isĀ full of salt. It’s seven times more salty than the ocean, so the lake is completely dead. It can’t support life. The Sea of Galilee on the other hand, which isn’t really […]

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