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Not a product.

I’ve always thought of what I do as a product.  A tangible object of some sort, whether visual, audible, or otherwise, to be judged by it’s “appearance.”  Whether it’s a photograph, a song, an infographic, a website, a drawing, or even the way I look every day.  It’s all been […]

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Photo – Closing the Park at Disneyland

My family recently took a vacation to California.  It rained the ENTIRE time we were there, but we loved it!  Being in AZ, we don’t see the rain that often, so while it seemed to scare off a lot of the Disneyland Park go’ers, we loved it!  We stayed late, […]

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I’m on 500px

I’ve made the jump, and decided I need to publish photos to 500px.  I’ll still post images here, but some photos, along with the licensing and ordering that 500px offers will all be available at as well!

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